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On the long horizon of West Texas, there is a city with a skyline that rises tall. Midland, nicknamed “The Tall City,” is home to everything from presidents and petroleum to a vibrant arts community. Located on Interstate 20 halfway between Dallas and El Paso, Midland is the business headquarters of the Permian Basin, the largest oil production region in the country.

The city’s successes in the oil industry have allowed a community of its size (a little more than 160,000 in the county), to offer world-class attractions like the $81-million Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center, the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, and the George W. Bush Childhood Home. It’s also very accessible via the Midland International Air and Space Port. Midland possesses a unique combination of big-city culture and home-town charm that has something to offer everyone. (Credit:

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